World Wide Express LLC Offers a Broad Spectrum of Services

Whether you need to ship multiple containers to the other side of the globe or a single pallet across your state,  World Wide Express can satisfy your shipping reqirements.  Among the services we offer are:

Ocean Cargo Shipping to ports worldwide
Air Cargo Expedient air deliveries to cities throughout the world
Ground Cargo Over the road shipping to any destination in North America
Marine Cargo InsuranceRecover the cost of any loss due to maritime accidents
Auto Dealership Allows clients to direct the purchase of cars for overseas export
Warehousing Short-term or long-term warehousing in our secure, indoor facilities
Containerization/ConsolidationProfessional containerization and rapid consolidation lowers costs and expidites deliveries
Customs Clearance Highly experienced customs department provides speedy customs clearance
Car DismantlingCost-effective solution for export of car parts
Boat Containerization ServicesSafe and economical export of boats


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